Health Law for Temple Students


Developed and approved in 2011, the Beasley School of Law and the Department of Public Health in the College of Health Professions and Social Work will begin accepting students into the JD-MPH program in early 2012. The dual degree program is a natural complement to CHLPP and PHLR and will prepare professionals in the field of public health law practice.  CHLPP is also working with the Center for Bioethics and Urban Health Policy to develop a program for a joint J.D. degree and masters in Bioethics.  The CHLPP website is an important platform for student writing on health law issues. It features student produce policy briefs on current issues such as Failure to Communicate Clinical Test Results - A Legal Analysis for Pennsylvania, Can Pennsylvania Laws Be Strengthened to Decrease Driving Under the Influence?  Can State Regulation of NursetoPatient Ratios Promote Better Patient Care in Pennsylvania Hospitals?